We are a not for profit provider of social housing

As Fairhive, we provide nearly 8,500 affordable homes across Buckinghamshire and the surrounding areas and as a not-for-profit landlord, our income is invested back into our social purpose. We exist to support residents and neighbourhoods, maintain quality homes and build new ones, and ultimately create thriving communities where people want to live.

Around 20,000 residents are at the heart of everything we do and we want them to lead fulfilling and enjoyable lives. Our services are shaped around their feedback and needs, to enable social inclusion, reduce poverty, maintain tenancies and protect those who are most vulnerable. That’s why we actively work with residents, providing opportunities for them to scrutinise our services and have a say on the decisions we make, ensuring that their voices are always heard.

We’re responsible for making sure residents’ homes are of a good quality and well-maintained. Part of this means ensuring our services are inclusive and accessible. We’re continually reviewing the way we do things, to provide excellent customer service and we’ve invested in new technologies and systems to make it easier to get in touch or report repairs, enabling us to look after residents’ homes and keep them compliant with Government standards.

We know that belonging to thriving communities and being proud of the area where you live is important to residents. That’s why we develop and manage neighbourhoods to bring together the people in them. We work closely with residents and partners to identify community needs, provide communal facilities and outdoor spaces, support community-led activities, introduce new opportunities and improve the safety of neighbourhoods.

We believe that everyone deserves a place to call home. That’s why we’re committed to tackling the housing crisis through the development of new affordable homes, for both rent and homeownership. We’ve pledged to increase our supply of homes to 9,000 by 2025, improve the environmental sustainability of our building programme and the energy efficiency of our homes for the mutual benefit of both the environment and residents.

In April 2020 we launched two subsidiary companies to build and sell homes on the private market, Fairfax Design & Build and Fairfax Housing. These subsidiaries will help us to maximise our income to expand and meet our charitable objectives.

We have around 290 employees all working for the benefit of residents and communities, and we’ve adapted our approach so we can be more responsive to change. We’re introducing agile ways of working and have put measures in place to reduce our carbon footprint.

To find out more about our plans and goals, take a look at our 5 year Corporate Strategy.