Value for Money reports

The majority of our income is from rent, so it is important this represents good value for money (VfM) to residents.

Our VfM reports written before April 2022 are available on request, please contact our Communications Team by email:

Reports published before April 2022

Reports published before April 2022

The below reports relate to Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust, our operating name before converting to a CBS and rebranding as Fairhive Homes Limited (April 2022).

Value-for-Money-Report-2014-15.pdf [pdf] 6MB
VfM Report 2015 16.pdf [pdf] 4MB
VfM Report 2016-17.pdf [pdf] 5MB
VfM Report 2017-2018.pdf [pdf] 3MB
VfM 201819.pdf [pdf] 1MB
VAHT VFM Report 2020 v7.pdf [pdf] 12MB
Value for Money Report VFM 2021 Accessible v2.pdf [pdf] 2MB